Days of the Week

The daily challenge of deciding what to wear is a time-sucking demon. But I like variety too much to just stick with always wearing the same thing. And since there are reasons the days are named what they are, maybe it streamlines life a bit to have those reasons in the clothing.

In the summer of 2007, I went to Headlands for two weeks and made smocks with Andrea Zittel. The smocks are her pattern. She has a Smock Shop and an army of smockers. Smocks are utilitarian and easy to wear. I spent a week making one everyday and wearing it the next day. The colors and symbols had to do with planets.


Then I was asked to do a project for a show sponsored by 7 jeans. They provided denim to artists and we could do whatever we wanted with the cloth. I made seven pairs of jeans with seven shirts that correlated both to the days of the week and the seven deadly sins. I called the project "Living in Sin."
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday

The design of the jeans was based on work clothes. They had slash pockets and buttoned on the side so that the waistband would be available for embroidered text. I learned a ton about working in the garment industry while making this project.

Without the help of many, I could not have done this project.

Thank you, Lia at 7 for working with me on getting the right denim
Thank you, Eddie Lowrie, pattern maker extraordinaire, for making homely work pants into butt-hugging fashionista-wear!
Thank you, Cuca and her crew, Linda, Jose, for the sewing!
Thank you Alfonso, for cutting the fabric.
Thank you Estrella and Robbie of Shilloah, for calming me down and sending me to the right embroiderer.
Thank you Lana, for a bangup job of embroidering the text!
Thank you Brian Pescador, for documenting the clothing in the studio and for agreeing to model at the very last minute!